Müzz is officially opening their doors!

After nine years of a being a nomad she has finally settled down to the ancient town of Kücükkoy.

Our family has grown and so has our mission; I would like to take this time to introduce you to our new partners.

Melodi Bozkurt, Founder of  Müzz  , is an industrial designer searching for the inner beauty in the objects she designs. She takes inspiration from her raw curiosity and global anthropology to design products that have the ability to adapt to lives of people from different cultures.  Müzz   has received recognition for being an award winning design firm participating in over 30 shows globally and publicized by the top journalists in the industry.

Daniel Joseph Murphy IV, Executive chef of Müzz, has over 14 years working in the service industry. He cut his teeth working as a sous chef and fromager in NYC before traveling abroad to both Europe and Asia refining his tastes and cultivating a love for using fresh local ingredients and showcasing simple yet beautiful flavors. When he isn’t getting creative in the kitchen he is painting large scale murals to share his art with the world. 

Gary Lee Singer Jr., Curator of Müzz, studied Fine Arts at Mimar Sinan University also known in istanbul for the success of his pop up shop AFA featuring many well known artists. He has been featured in numerous Turkish publications for his work as a curator. Gary is also a talented chef who has experience in both Ottoman and American cuisine which is invaluable to  Müzz eclectic taste. 

We settled into a beautiful stone building that is sure to spark joy in all your senses. 

The gallery will showcase works of young artist and designers around Turkey and the world. In the lovely garden our guests will have the pleasure of tasting delicious home style cuisines with locally sourced ingredients. If you are not hungry we always have cold brews and warm conversations waiting for to entertain our guests. As the summer heat starts to settle so will our schedules to host workshops and events that will in compass everything from food to yoga and healthy living. 

The  Müzz   family looks forward to indulging your sense.  

Please contact us at 

For reservations Please contact +905457195468

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