Cobalt oxide is a series of porcelain ware that create an abode for the history of cobalt blue through objects of desire. Cobalt oxide was used to create one of the first universal languages through symbolism. The use of cobalt blue in porcelain, produced a global body of work with countries expressing their cultures through the same materials. A growing desire for foreign objects fuelled by globalisation created a cross pollination of symbols. This visual language accumulated over time, is still relevant to modern day life. We decided to start exploring how such an ancient material can relate to modern production methods. Our initial research on Turkish ceramics enlightened us to the global language of cobalt blue and the cross cultural imagery. Inspired by what we considered as one of the first movements of art, we created an image bank of blue and white porcelain and a timeline of cobalt in history. As a result, our experiments and research created a range of objects that embody their history.


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